Alcohol and your skin, health & wellbeing

Alcohol and your skin, health & wellbeing

Want to know one thing that will make your skin radiant, help you to sleep better, lose weight, improve your health, give you bags of energy and send your productivity levels through the roof?  

Cut out the booze. I know. Sorry! But seriously, when you look at this list, it seems like a no-brainer. After all, if there was a magic product offering all these benefits, we'd buy it in a heartbeat, right?

But of course, many of us love a glass of wine/gin/beer or whatever and total abstinence of anything isn't often realistic. And life's too short to totally cut out the little treats that we enjoy. But maybe it's worth cutting down on alcohol and seeing the impact it has on your skin, body, health and wellbeing. Even after a week or two you will start to notice the results in your appearance and how you feel.

Often, having a glass - or more - of your favourite tipple is just a habit. So next time you mindlessly go to reach for a mid-week tipple while watching TV on the sofa, why not make the decision to save it for a particular occasion? A little decision like that every night can add up to make a big impact. 

Here's a look at some of the effects of alcohol:

Alcohol dehydrates the entire body, including the skin, which causes skin to become dry, flaky and dull. Alcohol can also cause puffiness, spots and inflammation, leading to redness and irritation. In contrast, cutting back on alcohol can quickly lead to a more radiant, clearer and smoother complexion.

Many alcoholic drinks or their mixers are loaded with sugar, yet we often don't really think about it in the same way we would if we were to eat, say, two slices of cake every night. Therefore, cutting back on the booze inevitably leads to weight loss, especially on the stomach area. That's not to mention cutting out the additional calories that come from reduced-willpower snacking while drinking, or a hungover binge-eat. Alcohol is a toxin so it also takes it's toll on your body's organs, so reducing your intake will improve your overall health.

Without you necessarily noticing it, over time, alcohol can impact your energy and productivity levels. Alcohol also affects your natural sleep rhythm so by not drinking, you will have a better night's sleep, which will further enhance your energy and productivity, too. Overall, you will feel clear-headed, focused and ready to take on the day.

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