Charity of the month: The Hygiene Bank

Charity of the month: The Hygiene Bank

I'm really pleased to tell you all that Willowberry natural skincare will now be supporting a different charity each month, with a particular focus on helping to support small charities. We can't donate huge amounts, but that shouldn't mean that we don't donate at all.

Our first chosen charity is The Hygiene Bank, a community-based charity that is like a food bank but for toiletries and beauty/grooming essentials, providing products for low-income local families. "Long before people go to a food bank, they stop buying toiletries," explains Founder Lizzy Hall, "but clean hair, skin and teeth are not a privilege".

Hygiene poverty has been identified as 'a hidden crisis' in Britain and one that is growing. With little money to cover the cost of everyday essentials, some families are being forced to choose between buying food or buying personal hygiene items.

We are donating 20 of our Willowberry Day Creams to The Hygiene Bank this month and helping to spread the word about their cause on our social media, newsletter and blog. Why not donate some products yourself, and help to spread the word? You could make a real impact to someone's self esteem and dignity. 

The Hygiene Bank currently has various drop-off points, or if you would like to donate but can’t get to a convenient drop-off point, The Hygiene Bank also has an amazon wish list; if you buy from this the products will get sent directly to them. To ensure every donated product reaches the right families, Beauty Bank distributes to local food banks, women’s refuges and hostels. Visit to find out more.