How to have healthy skin

How to have healthy skin

You know we're all about healthy skin here at Willowberry natural skincare. So what are our top healthy skin rules that you can implement for healthy, vibrant skin?

1. Drink at least 1.5 litres of water every day to hydrate, plump and brighten skin.

2. Daily cleansing is non-negotiable! It's essential for removing grime and old make-up, which would otherwise build up on your face and cause irritation.

3. Daily skin hydration from the outside in, using a good quality face cream or face oil.

4. Good nutrition - feed your skin with vital nutrients from freshly cooked food.

5. Our Willowberry natural skincare is also loaded with natural nutrients, to feed the skin from the outside in.

6. Regular exercise helps boost circulation, for healthy looking skin.

7. The sun's harmful rays are the fastest way to damaged skin, so always wear SPF.

Willowberry natural skincare is loaded with nutrients to nurture skin's wellbeing, with a transparent, understandable list of ingredients to help customers feel informed and confident about what they put on their skin. Willowberry empowers women by celebrating beauty of all ages and all faces, to help people feel good in their own skin. 

The Willowberry Wellbeing blog aims to inspire you to live a healthy, balanced and happy life for enhanced wellbeing.