Take part in our #mapofmyskin campaign

Take part in our #mapofmyskin campaign

We are excited to launch our #mapofmyskin campaign to celebrate age and individuality in beauty, encouraging women like you to share your own no-filter selfie on Instagram with a caption telling the story of the #mapofmyskin – the events in your life that have created the beautifully unique face you have today.

At the heart of Willowberry natural skincare is a desire to celebrate real beauty, individuality and ageless beauty, rather than promoting unrealistic ideals, so we hope this campaign will encourage women to embrace their own unique faces and any signs of ageing.

1. Upload a #nofilter photo of your face to your own Instagram (make-up is fine!) 

2. Write a concise caption giving an overview of the #mapofmyskin – the events of your life (good and bad) that have created your beautifully unique face (i.e. laughter with friends/illness/inherited features/party nights/sleepless nights with your baby/working hard/etc.) 

3. Include the #mapofmyskin hashtag in your caption and tag us in using @willowberryskin so that we see your post - we will choose a selection to re-post on our own social channels

4. Tag in anyone else on your caption who you think would like to take part

WIN! 3 lucky #mapofmyskin participants will win a Willowberry Mini Skincare Gift Set.

Alternatively, email us your #mapofmyskin photo and caption to and we will share a selection on our Instagram.

You can follow the campaign on our Instagram page and you can see Willowberry's own #mapofmyskin post here.

Let’s spread the word to encourage people to embrace their own unique beauty and their own #mapofmyskin.

Willowberry natural skincare is loaded with nutrients to nurture skin's wellbeing, with a transparent, understandable list of ingredients to help customers feel informed and confident about what they put on their skin. Willowberry empowers women by celebrating beauty of all ages and all faces, to help people feel good in their own skin. 

The Willowberry Wellbeing blog aims to inspire you to live a healthy, balanced and happy life for enhanced wellbeing.