Why I use natural skincare

Why I use natural skincare

There are many reasons why people use natural skincare, from those who try to avoid using synthetic chemicals on their skin as much as possible, to those who simply like how natural skincare makes their skin look and feel, and everything in between.

For me, my journey to using natural skincare was a gradual one. Back in 2004 when I started working for a beauty magazine, natural beauty was still quite a niche market. I would receive many product samples to try – some natural, most synthetic. But my passion for natural skincare hadn’t yet kicked in.

It wasn’t until some years later after I had left the magazine, I discovered how effective natural skincare could be. I found some rosehip oil in a stash of products I had left over from my magazine days, and I used it without thinking too much about it.

But I was really surprised to start seeing noticeable changes in my skin after using the rosehip oil. I had long suffered from dry skin and areas of redness and irritation and I just assumed that it was my ‘skin type’. But the rosehip oil really blitzed this and my skin became much smoother and calmer. No longer did I have to apply concealer to red patches, only to then have to try to ‘conceal the concealer’ when it sat in noticeable patches within my dry skin!

The results spoke for themselves and it obviously stirred up my interest in natural skincare and over time, I opted for natural products across my entire skincare routine.

Alongside this, as I entered my thirties I became much more aware of how what we eat, how much we move, what we put on our skin and how well we look after ourselves can have a huge impact on our health and wellbeing. I’m interested in looking after myself, not just to feel good now but also to look after my future 60 year old self (and beyond).

This encompasses many things but to stay on topic for this blog post, with regards to using synthetic chemicals on the skin there is much conflicting information as to their safety and I am no scientist, so I don’t have the answers. Obviously avoiding synthetic chemicals in their entirety would be pretty much impossible in today’s world, and personally I don’t think it’s necessary. But what I do is try to reduce my exposure to directly applying synthetic chemicals to the skin by opting for natural skincare, body care, shower gels and so forth. That’s not to say that ‘non-natural’ beauty brands don’t make it into my make-up bag, but when it comes to what I slather all over my skin every day, I care. So I opt for natural.

Whatever your reasons for choosing natural skincare, there are no rights or wrongs – it’s about what’s important to you personally. And regardless of whether natural is important to you or not, natural skincare gives amazing results in its own right – no wonder then, that natural beauty has gone from niche to mainstream since my first foray into the beauty industry all those years ago.

When I created Willowberry skincare not only did I want all the products to be natural, I wanted them to be as natural as they could possibly be. It is also important to me to maximise the power of nature by only using unrefined natural oils and butters to preserve the maximum nutrients. And because of my interest in wellbeing, all Willowberry products are dedicated to your skin's wellbeing by using natural ingredients that are rich in nutrients - vitamins, essential fatty acids and antioxidants, to nurture the skin and help it to feel content, calm, happy and balanced. We hope you love our products as much as we do!

Jenni Retourné
Founder, Willowberry