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    Jenni Retourne founder Willowberry skincare

    "I've worked in the beauty industry since 2004, first as editor of a trade beauty magazine and then as owner of a beauty marketing company. I loved my career and yet all the while, I yearned to create my own beauty brand. 

    "Meanwhile, as I grew older I began to care much more about my health and wellbeing, to be able to thrive both now and later on in life. Healthy eating, fitness and the products I put on my skin were a natural part of this. As I made changes to my lifestyle and switched to using natural skincare ingredients, my skin transformed from being dry, dull, red and irritated to being smoother, clearer and healthy-looking.

    "I studied natural skincare formulation and also researched how health and wellbeing affects the skin, as well as the mind and body. I realised that by focusing on the skin's wellbeing, using natural ingredients that are rich in nutrients to nurture the skin (just as we would feed our bodies), could make a real difference. Not just to how the skin looks, but also to how it feels – balanced, calm, comfortable, happy. Just how we all want to feel in ourselves, too! So this became the very heart of Willowberry skincare - to be dedicated to your skin's wellbeing.

    "When I created Willowberry, not only did I want all the products to be natural, I wanted them to be as natural as they could possibly be. It is also important to me to maximise the power of nature by using unrefined natural oils and butters to retain the maximum nutrients from the original plant source. 

    "I spent the next three years honing the perfect skincare formulas and worked alongside a cosmetic chemist to help me bring them to life. Following impassioned feedback – and requests for refills! – Willowberry was finally born."

    Jenni Retourné
    Founder, Willowberry