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    jenni retourne founder willowberry natural skincare

    "I've worked in the beauty industry since 2004; as editor of a trade beauty magazine, then owner of a beauty marketing company, before launching Willowberry in 2017 - a long-held ambition of mine.

    "Willowberry was 3.5 years in the making - I'm a bit of a perfectionist! I'm passionate about creating high-performance natural skincare that helps you to achieve your best skin.

    "I believe everyone has the right to know what's in their skincare without needing a science degree to read the ingredient list, so we have total ingredient transparency on-pack and on our website.

    "I lead my brand with heart, ethics and authenticity and always put our customers first. I make sure we always give back by supporting a different charity every month.

    "I believe as an industry, we have a responsibility to support women's self-esteem rather than trading on insecurities or selling hope-in-a-jar. I aspire to help as many women as possible to see themselves in a better light; after all, no-one analyses our faces as much as we may do to ourselves in the mirror."

    Jenni Retourné
    Founder, Willowberry