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10 of the Best Wellness Journals For Moments of Self Reflection

If this year has taught us anything, it's the importance of taking a quiet moment to ourselves with a journal. A time to sit, breathe and reflect on our day, month, year, or even our life as a bigger picture. When it feels like things are slipping through our fingers, taking pen to paper can be an effective way to reclaim control and sort through the many thoughts running through our head. 

As much as we relish the opportunity to add some pretty stationary to our collection, scientists now believe that journaling has more benefits than a pretty printed hardback. Research has shown that pouring our thoughts and feelings onto a blank page can actually reduce anxiety, depression, stress and even insomnia. 

And you don't need to boast writer credentials to qualify either - the more free-flowing and random your notes, the better, as the key is to track how you feel over the coming weeks and months. Who knows, you could be surprised by what comes up and how much you overcome in a short space of time. 

If you're not sure where to start, we've found some of the most stylish journals out there to spark a little inspiration.
bees knees wellness journal
TOP PICK: The Bee's Knees Journal
 A slice of realist feel-good, the new The Bee's Knees Journal helps you embrace your current life in all its amazing, ordinary, tragic, magical and messy glory, rather than promising to change your life. We love The Bee's Knee's Journal for its unique approach in that it doesn't skirt around pain with positivity, but instead offers a template for users to guide themselves through difficult emotions gently and honestly.

The Bee's Knee's Journal, £35 The Bee's Knees

wellness journal, journaling, papier journal, hardback journal
Joy Wellness Journal, £24.99 Papier

wellness journal, journaling, journals, hardback journal
Win At Life Journal, £28 CGD

wellness journal, black journal, journal, hardback journal
The Checkin Journal, £21.95 Mai Paper

wellness journal, journaling, hardback journal
Green Floral Mindful Journal, £12 Paperchase

wellness journals, journal pack, printed notebooks

Palm & Geometric Print A5 Notebooks Set of Two, £10.50 Oliver Bonas

wellness journal, journaling, printed notebook, stylish journal
Moleskin Passion Journal, £27 Amara

wellness journal, wellness notebook, hardback journal, journaling
Brielle Wellness Journal, £22 Anthropologie

wellness journal, hardback journal, journaling
The Positive Planner, The Positive Wellness Journal, £29.49 Trouva

journaling, wellness journal, hardback journal, pink journal
Happiness Journal, £21 Kikki-K

Article by Jessica Harris

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