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our mission

Age Without Apology

Changing the age narrative in beauty

Against an industry obsessed with anti-ageing, Willowberry is flipping the script to give you your best skin (instead of promising impossible skin) and to help you feel good in your skin with age. We're here to give grown-up a glow up! Championing Age Without Apology, Willowberry is changing the language and perception of age in beauty.

willowberry age without apology beauty

Challenging the norm

At Willowberry we want you to Age Without Apology and age representation in beauty is at the heart of everything we do.

Our goal is to change the perception, representation and language of age in beauty and ensure that age is celebrated and revered, not feared.

We continually put out a new message of age across the media and the beauty industry to encourage change on a wider scale.

Refusing to sell ‘anti-ageing' hope-in-a-jar claims, Willowberry instead aims to help women feel good in their skin with age, because healthy skin is beautiful with or without wrinkles and beauty is a state of mind.

Inspiring change

To encourage industry change, Willowberry held an expert panel talk on ‘How Can We Best Represent Age in Beauty?’, attended by top beauty press, brands and agencies.

willowberry national age without apology month
national age without apology month willowberry

National Age Without Apology Month

Willowberry holds an annual National Age Without Apology Month each June, to help change the perception of age by celebrating age and the ageing process.

age is an energy beauty campaign willowberry

Age is an Energy beauty campaign

In our Age is an Energy beauty campaign, we used models in their 40s to 60s to bring the same energy usually shown with younger models in beauty campaigns; fun, cheeky, energetic. We want to push the boundaries of age representation in beauty to be about more than just showing all ages in beauty imagery, by also showing the energy of age.

age without apology beauty campaign for older women Willowberry

Age Without Apology beauty campaign

In our Age Without Apology beauty campaign, we used non-model women aged 37-76, to show that beauty truly is ageless and you do not need to remove signs of age to feel beautiful.

“Leading by example, and by marking a national Age Without Apology Month, Willowberry has pledged to increase representation of older women in the industry”

– Hello! magazine

“Willowberry is taking its positive conversation around ageing to an industry-wide level”

– Cosmetics Business

“What Dove did for body image, Willowberry is doing to empower women to age without apology”

– Cotswold Living

“There is increasing noise about the disdain many have for the term 'anti-ageing'... this has always been the philosophy of brands like Willowberry”

– Women's Health

“Willowberry brings energy to age with new national brand campaign”

– Natural Product News

Industry recognition

Willowberry's Founder has been awarded a place in the Who's Who of Natural Beauty for 'giving grown-up a glow up'.