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Ethics & values

Sustainable skincare

Willowberry is a natural skincare brand with a conscience and we are committed to sustainable values that honour the future of our planet.

We started Willowberry with ethics and sustainability at our core, while always striving to make changes for the better.

Our Sustainable Swaps initiative

Sustainability is so complex that it can feel too overwhelming to know where to begin. So we launched our Sustainable Swaps initiative to make small changes that add up to make a big difference, especially when we can influence our supply chain for a bigger effect.

In the press

“Willowberry works closely with suppliers to improve ethical practices throughout the supply chain.”

– Psychologies Real Eco Award

“Willowberry decided to omit Rosewood entirely from its skincare line [after sustainability issues came to light].”

– Refinery29

“Willowberry tracked down a UK source for chia seed oil to reduce the carbon footprint of importing it.”

– Country & Town House

Endorsed by NatureWatch

Willowberry is proud to be endorsed in NatureWatch Foundation's cruelty-free Compassionate Shopping Guide