5 Top Skin Tips That Have Nothing To Do With Skincare

5 Top Skin Tips That Have Nothing To Do With Skincare

With an abundance of skincare products for every complexion whim, it's hard to believe that we don't all have the skin we've always wanted. But there are plenty of factors standing in the way between you and a glowing complexion and the solution doesn't just lie at the bottom of your favourite moisturiser.

Exposed to the elements, our skin withstands a lot – some of which is out of our control, but some we inflict on it unknowingly. While we rely heavily on our cleansers, serums and oils, there are some complexion woes that even skin science can't solve.

But, the good news is, you can. With a few tweaks and a heightened awareness, you can make a big difference to your visage with these five top tips:

1. Cut back on sugar

The white stuff has got a bad rep over the last five years and with good reason. Highly addictive with no dietary benefits, sugar can wreak havoc with our skin as well as our body. Causing a surge in insulin, sugar sparks an inflammatory reaction in our bodies which doesn't take long to show up on our complexion. As a result, an enzyme is produced that latches onto collagen fibres causing them to lose strength and flexibility. In turn, our skin looks dull, dehydrated and ages prematurely. Life’s to short to not enjoy sweet treats, but try to make it an occasional treat rather than a regular occurrence, to see the difference in your skin.

2. Drink more water

It's always the go-to response of models and celebrities alike when they divulge their secret to glowing skin. Although H2o doesn't actually hydrate the skin per se, it does flush toxins from the body, reduce puffiness, helps the body perform optimally and boosts kidney function which can help lighten dark eye circles. Aim for two litres of water throughout the day to notice a difference in your skin.

3. Stay out of the sun

A shocking 90% of skin ageing is down to the sun, according to a recent study. As much as we love to bask in the rare glow of the British sun, those harmful UV rays can break down collagen, cause hyperpigmentation and deplete essential fatty acids, leaving skin feeling dry. What's more, sun damage slows down the rate of skin cell renewal, causing a build-up of dead skin cells that result in a congested visage.

Although we all need a healthy dose of vitamin D from the sun, we only need between 10 and 30 minutes to reap the health benefits. Aside from sunbathing, wearing sunscreen every day when outside (regardless of whether it is sunny) is recommended to protect your skin – opt for a minimum of SPF30 for adequate protection.

4. Don't touch your face

There's nothing like a global pandemic to make you realise how much you touch your face in a day. From nose scratching to eye rubbing to resting your face on the palm of your hand, studies have shown that the average person touches their face 16 times an hour. It's these everyday habits that can cause uneven skin texture, congestion, blemishes, inflammation and mechanica, a type of acne that is caused by touching the face and pushing oil and bacteria into the pore. Try to avoid touching your face unnecessarily, to help prevent transferring dirt and bacteria to the skin.

5. Wash your tools

We know, it's something you keep meaning to do but forget and when that make-up application comes around, you cringe at the sight of your clogged brushes. However, you're not alone as only 61% of women clean their makeup kit once a month, if at all. But, as a potential hotbed of germs, dead skin cells, harmful microbes and even parasites, not giving your beauty tools a wash more regularly can lead to congestion, acne and even an infection like folliculitis on your skin or conjunctivitis in your eyes. The solution? In an ideal world, experts recommend washing your brushes and sponges with soap, shampoo or even a make-up cleaning solution after every application or at least once a week.


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