how to get healthy hair

7 Ways To Keep Your Hair Healthy

We've all seen the shampoo ads of silky strands flowing freely with the shine of glass and the manageability we can only dream of. But the reality is that most of us strive for healthier hair that is thick, glossy and smooth. Like skin, our hair comes in a variety of different natural forms but whether it's curly or straight, dry or greasy, fine or in abundance, there's one element that is the holy grail of hair – health.

Thankfully, you can be one step closer to the hair you've always wanted with these expert tips.

1. Avoid heat
Sure, it may give you a bouncy blow dry, but hairdryers, tongs and straighteners are a one-way ticket to dry and damaged locks. Just like our skin needs protection against UV rays, heat and environmental aggressors, so does our hair. Try to let your hair air dry as much as possible and switch your appliances to a cooler setting – not only will it be better for your hair, it will smooth the hair cuticle, adding shine. For brownie points, adding a heat protection spray to your styling regime will help to protect colour, maintain moisture and keep lengths strong and shiny.

2. Get regular trims
It may be a little tricky to schedule in a hairdresser appointment at the moment but when salons re-open, try to get into the habit of pre-booking a 6-8 week trim to stop split ends travelling up the hair shaft. 

3. Don't over-wash
We know, there's no better feeling than freshly washed tresses but experts warn that washing our hair everyday can strip it of its natural oils and proteins. So, try to limit lathering up to a maximum of three times a week. 

4. Condition properly
If you slather on conditioner in the shower then immediately rinse it away, experts suggest that you may not be getting all of the moisturising benefits, rendering it useless. To ensure your hair shaft properly absorbs the product, squeeze excess water out of your hair after shampooing, apply conditioner through the lengths and ends of hair (avoiding the scalp), then leave it on for 5 minutes before rinsing out to get the most out of the ingredients (use this time to wash your body, shave, use a body scrub, etc).

5. Brush up
Hair is at its most vulnerable when wet and can be subject to being twisted, pulled and snagged, leaving the ends snapped and the lengths brittle. Give it a fighting chance with the right tools such as a wide tooth comb or detangling brush for working out knots with minimal damage, and use a round brush for styling. Make sure you clean your brushes at least once a month by washing them with a little shampoo or vinegar to break down any leftover product and clean away dead skin cells.

6. Treat your scalp
When looking after your hair, don't forget your scalp. A healthy, nourished scalp will help to prevent dandruff or dead skin sitting on the hair, and will also help to balance oil production to tackle greasy hair. Treat your scalp with a natural scalp oil, which will nourish the scalp and balance oil levels.

7. Eat your way to good hair
Just as your skin is a reflection of your diet, so too is your hair. Eating a healthy diet rich in nutrients will replace dull hair with a healthy shine and furthermore, a healthy scalp.


Article by Jessica Harris

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