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Our experience of age is changing here’s how to create your best life

Our experience of age is changing: here’s how to create your best life

While society’s notions of getting older still reflect some of the dated stereotypes of terminal decline, older generations are actually experiencing a much better quality of age; standards of living have risen, technology makes our lives easier and opens up our worlds and we are more educated than ever before on how to look after ourselves. So instead of dreading getting older, take control to ensure that you put yourself in the best position for a fulfilling life, for your present and future older self. Here’s our guide to inspire you:

Hell yeah to self-care
Self-care has had more than its fair share of airtime in the past year, but it remains a valid objective. Not just about having a bath and doing your nails, it’s about having a calm moment for your thoughts to clarify and crystallise, to bring into perspective what you want and need.

In the next 5 mins: A 5 minute break with a cup of tea? Fresh air and a walk around the block? Someone else to sort out dinner?

And the next 5 years: More work, less work, more fun, more solitude, more social life?

Add strings to your bow
Don’t (necessarily) wait until retirement to join your local tennis club, sign up to an art class or start growing your own herbs. If life is non-stop it may seem contrary to add in more, but when things are super busy and overwhelming, doing something that you really enjoy can actively ease the pressure.

Embrace all of life’s richness and don’t wait for the ‘perfect time’ (that inevitably never comes) to do something you really fancy – the perfect time is now.

Take care of your health
Go for those health checks when prompted. Speak to someone if you’re worried about anything. You know your own body. Keep a gentle and loving eye on it.

Don’t stop moving
We know you’ve heard it all before but exercise really does wonders, for not just your body but also your mind. Experiment until you find something that you enjoy, be that walking round the block every evening, following dance routines on YouTube, joining a sports club or training for a triathlon. It’s not a competition (well, unless you want it to be!), it’s about keeping your body fit and healthy.

Build a network
In work and pleasure, surround yourself with positive people who lift you up and can support you when needed. You don’t have to be a confident extrovert to meet new people, you can join a local club (for pleasure) or online networking groups (for work).

Be inspired
Seek out people you admire (whether in real life or on social media) who inspire you. It could be someone who has achieved great things in your line of work, or someone who you think looks great and dresses fabulously. Look ahead to people 10 years older than you who are living lives you like the look of and let them be your guide.

Expand those horizons
Whether your idea of travel is visiting a Greek island, going on safari, extreme trekking or camping half an hour from home, as the saying goes, a change is as good as a rest. And while visiting different cultures is exhilarating, the global pandemic has taught us the value of travelling closer to home, too. Explore your immediate vicinity, revisit old haunts and meet up with old friends. Travel reboots us no matter the distance covered.

Remain curious
Read. Absorb culture. Go to museums. Check the news. Listen to music. Stay on top of tech. Keep informed and develop opinions. Being interested makes you interesting.

And when all is said and done: It’s all in the mind. Don’t fixate on the number of your age, take your cue from how you feel inside and keep moving forward. There’s always more fun to be had.


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