night time skincare routine

The night-time skincare ritual you'll wonder how you lived without

There's nothing quite like taking the day off of your face. Deeply therapeutic, it's a little slice of me-time. Your very own home spa – something we could all do with right now. A nightly skincare ritual is arguably the most important of the day; your skin is constantly repairing itself, but at night when we slumber our skin gets to be able to work at its optimum without interruption from environmental aggressors, make-up, etc.

Follow our step-by-step guide to the ultimate night-time skincare ritual.

Make-up removal

Rule number one: never go to sleep with your make-up on, otherwise you're on the fast track to skin inflammation, dryness, redness, breakouts and more. Furthermore, it ensures your skin has a clean base to absorb the products that follow, which is paramount to how effective they are for our complexion. You don't need a separate make-up remover and cleanser - the Willowberry Nutrient Boost Cleansing Balm removes all make-up, including waterproof mascara.

Double cleanse

With a make-up free canvas, going back in with your cleanser for a second cleanse will thoroughly clear your skin of dirt, grime, pollution, leftover make-up and anything else that can lead to congestion and breakouts. 


This is a perfect time to indulge before hitting the hay. Whether it's using your cleanser or face oil, take five minutes to work the product into the skin, boosting circulation, counteracting any puffiness and clearing toxins from the skin. You can see our top face massage moves here. Packed with antioxidants and nourishing ingredients, the Willowberry Nutrient Boost Face Oil is ideal for face massage. Why not combine it with a gua sha massage tool, for added oomph?


After your face massage, apply an extra layer of face oil to work its magic overnight. Combine it with a moisturiser for a two-pronged approach of oil nourishment and moisturising hydration. Our Willowberry Nutrient Boost Day Cream doubles up as a good Night Cream, especially when used together with the Willowberry Nutrient Boost Face Oil.

Eye Cream

From dark circles to puffiness and sensitivity, our eyes are susceptible to a lot. As the thinnest skin on the face, the delicate eye area can benefit from protection, hydration and nourishment in the form of a potent eye cream. Try Willowberry's Reviving Eye Cream – with an active complex of pomegranate extract, green tea, probiotics and caffeine, it  helps to even skin tone, reduce puffiness and protect against environmental damage.


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