willowberry skincare 5th birthday

Willowberry is 5 years old!

Willowberry is 5 years old! How do I condense 5 years into a caption? There have been many small moments and big moments. There has been progress step by step, day by day, until suddenly I'm at 5 years - half a decade - which I am proud to have reached.

I used to make every product by hand, apply every label, screw on every lid, pack every parcel. Now I have a fulfilment team to pack my orders, a manufacturer in Somerset and a team of people supporting me with the business of Willowberry.

Not only do we make and sell great skincare that I'm proud of and our customers love (our return customer level is very high and we are so grateful), but we take real action for our Age Without Apology brand values to change the age narrative in beauty. We walk the walk, even when it's difficult or scary.

Ultimately Willowberry would be nothing Without our customers and supporters so THANK YOU for getting us to our 5th birthday.

I hope you enjoy our video of our journey of 5 years!

Jenni Retourné, Founder, Willowberry