Willowberry natural skincare ingredient processes

We use many cold-pressed or expeller-pressed natural oils & butters in our Willowberry natural skincare, to retain maximum nutrients. 

Cosmetic ingredients sourced from nature first need to be extracted from the plant source. Here are the main methods of natural ingredient extraction:

‘Unrefined’ means that the oil has been extracted from the raw natural ingredient using minimal heat and no chemical solvents. The oil is then screen-filtered to remove any impurities or solids from the oil. 

Unrefined oil retains far more of the original nutrients from the natural raw ingredient, so the skin can benefit from its vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. This is why we use unrefined natural oils and butters in our Willowberry products, to ensure maximum skin benefits.

Cold-pressing is an unrefined ingredient extraction method that presses and grinds the raw natural ingredient in a stainless steel presser, to draw the natural oil out. Some heat is naturally created from the friction caused during the process, but this heat must not rise above 49°C.

Expeller-pressing uses the same method as cold-pressing, but the temperature is not monitored and controlled like it is during cold-pressing, so the natural heat caused by the friction generated may cause the temperature to exceed 49°C. However, as with cold-pressing, no outside heat source is used during this process, to avoid extreme temperatures that would strip the nutritional content of the oil.

Steam distillation is a method of extracting essential oil from the original plant material. The raw natural ingredient is placed inside a still which is then sealed and injected with steam. The steam needs to be hot enough to release the oil from within the plant, but not too hot that it burns it. The steam containing the essential oil is then condensed to form a liquid, where the final essential oil is separated from the water.

‘Refined’ oil means that the raw natural ingredient has usually been processed using high heat and/or chemical solvents. This can help to extend the shelf life, or remove natural scent or colour. However, refining oil can deplete its nutritional content, thereby making it less beneficial for the skin.

Sometimes cold-pressed or expeller-pressed oils are 'gently refined' afterwards without using chemicals, for instance by steaming-cleaning impurities from the oil, or using organic compounds instead of chemicals to remove colour.


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