Jenni Retourné, Founder

Hi! I'm Jenni, Founder of Willowberry, which I call 'Skincare for Grown-Ups'. Having worked in beauty for 20 years, many of those as a Beauty Editor, I was sent A LOT of skincare products – some were great, many were okay. Some cost an awful lot and didn’t do a great deal for the skin.

Meanwhile, I saw first-hand the enormity of the anti-ageing industry, which over the years I began to question: Why is it okay to tell us to reverse the very normal signs of time on our faces? Why is it okay to make us feel like getting older is something to dread and fight against? Why aren’t older women shown in beauty campaigns as standard? It’s a literal message of invisibility.

I wanted to create a skincare range that makes a real difference to your skin, and a real difference to your confidence.

I want you to feel GOOD when buying your skincare, rather than telling you there’s a problem with your face then selling you something as a solution to it.

So I launched Willowberry, with high-performance natural formulations designed especially for the needs of grown-up skin. Against the anti-ageing message, we champion Age Without Apology, so that you can see that there is a better way of looking at yourself as you get older.

And I want your never-ending skincare search to stop once you’ve tried Willowberry.

Willowberry is not just a brand; it's also a manifestation of my vision to change the age narrative in beauty; to improve the language of age and increase age representation.

Our work towards this has been featured in national press and I was recently featured in the Who’s Who of Natural Beauty for ‘giving grown-up a glow-up’.

We hope to inspire wider change in the industry and we can already see a shift happening. And that’s thanks to you, because by supporting Willowberry you help to support a change in mindset on age, one step at a time, so thank you for joining me!