“Jenni really inspires me… kindred beauty spirits”

Ateh Jewel, beauty journalist

Jenni Retourné, Founder

"Working in beauty for over 15 years, beauty is my business and I love it. As a former beauty editor and marketing manager, I was in the exclusive position to try hundreds of beauty products and saw what worked, what didn’t work, the hype, the hope-in-a-jar and the heroes.

"Against a tide of ‘anti-ageing’ skincare that promises to remove your wrinkles (spoiler alert: no skincare will), Willowberry was born in 2017 from my desire to provide natural skincare designed especially for the needs of grown-up skin, without telling you that you need to 'reverse' your face. Because beauty doesn’t stop at 20 and I’m on a mission to help women appreciate their own beauty without apology at any age."

“Jenni knows everything there is to know about the industry”

 Jane Cunningham, British Beauty Blogger