Willowberry is an award-winning independent British beauty brand loved by top make-up artists & facialists, offering high-performance natural skincare with all ingredients de-coded, while supporting your self-esteem.

Willowberry is the antidote to hype, smoke-and-mirrors and trading on insecurities. We lead with heart, integrity and transparency and we champion your own beauty. We care about making a difference: to your skin, your self-esteem, the transparency of our industry and to our world.

Our products

Willowberry brings you high-performance, nutrient-rich natural skincare products with a focus on antioxidants, vitamins & essential fatty acids, to help you achieve your best skin, naturally.

We use gently-extracted natural oils to retain maximum nutrients, in high quantities. Not always easy, not cheap. But they work far better.

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Decoded ingredients

We de-code every single ingredient in our products. This doesn’t just include the fancy active ingredients; it also includes preservatives, emulsifiers, etc, to show we have confidence in our products, take care in our formulations and have nothing to hide.

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We believe that as an industry, we have a responsibility to support women's self-esteem rather than trading on insecurities or selling hope-in-a-jar. We aspire to help as many women as possible to look at themselves in a kinder way and feel more peaceful inside; after all, no-one analyses our faces as much as we may do to ourselves in the mirror.

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We are a brand with a conscience and are committed to sustainable values that honour the future of our planet. 

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