how to find your style and gain confidence

Top 3 tips to boost your style and your confidence, from a personal stylist

Are you feeling a little bit lacklustre about your style and wardrobe; perhaps you’re struggling to find you style mojo post-lockdown, stuck in a loungewear style rut or simply lack confidence in yourself and your shape? Then these 3 simple style tips from Sophie Jones-Cooper at My Stylish Friend, an Image Consultant and Personal Stylist/Shopper, will kick-start you into the style and wardrobe you deserve.

1. Unearth your current style

We all have a style, but we don't always feel like we do, or we might not have the confidence to acknowledge it and embrace it. But knowing your own style is the key to an effortless wardrobe and feeling and looking good. If I asked you to describe your style, what would you say? So many women feel they don't have a style anymore, or they couldn't put it into words, but if I was to ask your friend, I am sure she could describe your style. So ask them yourself! Simply by hearing someone else speak positively about you will give you that much needed boost and start you on the first step to feeling more confident and stylish.

Then, ask yourself who in the public eye do you admire for their style? What outfit combinations and silhouettes do you love? What colours and prints are you drawn to or evoke happy memories? How do you want people to perceive you? Are you more casual or formal, minimalist or more eclectic? Asking yourself such questions will help you begin to build a picture of your individual style.

2. Embrace your size and shape

Accepting our size and shape rather than thinking negatively about ourselves can be quite a challenge. First off, remember that we are all unique and the key to feeling body confident and dressing to feel good is understanding and embracing your own shape, then learning how to balance it and flatter it. Look at yourself in the mirror and at the ratio between your shoulders, waist and hips in particular – look at the proportions of your own body. Then look at yourself and highlight the parts of you that you love the most… these are the parts to show off. Those parts of you that you don't like so much – you can disguise and skim over. As Coco Chanel once said, “Fashion is architecture: it is a matter of proportions”. 

3. Understand your lifestyle requirements

It is really important that your wardrobe works for your current lifestyle. There is no point in having a wardrobe full of high-heels, if you only ever wear flats. Now, post-lockdown, it is a great time to re-evaluate what you need from your wardrobe. Draw up an old-school pie chart of how you spend your time - including things like exercise, school run, Zoom calls, lunch dates, work, nights out and so on, then make sure your wardrobe is catered and budgeted for accordingly.


Sophie Jones-Cooper is an Image Consultant and Personal Stylist/Shopper known as My Stylish Friend, based in Gloucestershire between Cheltenham and Oxford. Sophie is also currently creating bespoke and upcycled face masks from pre-loved and vintage fabrics.

Visit Sophie’s website and find her on Instagram.


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