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What facial reflexology can tell you about your health (while boosting your skin)

Facial reflexology is a hot new topic in the wellbeing world, extending the traditional practice of reflexology (on the feet) to the face. Think of it like a super-charged face massage that benefits both your skin and wellbeing – we’re sold!

To find out more about facial reflexology, we spoke to Jaideep Sagoo, a reflexologist, reiki practitioner and founder of Ebb + Flow, to give us the lowdown.

What is facial reflexology?

Reflexology is a non-invasive, holistic treatment, traditionally based on the theory that areas on the feet and hands relate to the internal organs and systems within the body. When gentle pressure is applied to these areas, it is believed to stimulate the corresponding areas within the body and encourage the body’s own healing process. It is also believed to improve circulation and nerve conduction, encouraging the release of toxins from the body.

Facial reflexology is an evolution of this traditional practice; the face is a beautiful tool to read what is going on within the body’s internal organs and central nervous system and reflexologists believe the appearance and condition of the skin can show reflexes that are out of balance. Facial reflexology is a great alternative for those who do not like their feet being touched but would like to gain the same benefits as foot reflexology, plus more. 

How does facial reflexology differ to traditional face massage?

Facial reflexology doesn’t just benefit your skin; this holistic treatment can benefit your body and organs, too. As opposed to a face massage, facial reflexology works using a ‘face map’ and is based on reflexes on the face which correspond with different areas of your body. Stimulating these reflexes is thought to reduce tension in areas of the body that are out of balance, improve underlying energy imbalances and promote overall wellbeing. Facial reflexology also helps stimulate blood flow, which may improve the tone of facial muscles and just one treatment should leave you with an enhanced healthy glow.

The benefits of facial reflexology are believed to:

  • Relieve the effects of stress
  • Improve circulation to the face and head area
  • Improve lymphatic drainage, encouraging the removal of waste products and toxins
  • Allow the therapist to gain an understanding, through reflexes out of balance, of what is going on within the body’s internal organs, central nervous system and neurobiological system by looking at the face and skin
  • Relieve tension
  • Relieve mental strain and improve concentration
  • Help relieve sinusitis/congestion
  • Have a direct rejuvenating effect on the skin, leaving the face glowing and radiant
  • Bring about a general feeling of calmness and relaxation

I was trained by Ziggie Bergman, who developed the Bergman Method of Facial Reflexology. This is based on the principle of the ten-point zone system traditionally used in reflexology. This method also integrates a combination of Native American techniques and Asian body maps. There are however various other methods of facial reflexology available.

Does facial reflexology benefit the skin?

As well as the ‘reflexology benefit’, the ‘facial benefit’ results with your face feeling and looking smoother and more radiant, and is more toned as muscle tension is released and circulation increased. During a session, I use the Willowberry Nutrient Boost Face Oil. This combined with the facial reflexology techniques helps boost circulation, enhance lymphatic drainage and release toxins. Facial reflexology has been shown to improve skin tone, strengthen layers of skin tissue and can also help reduce lines and wrinkles over a series of treatments. 

Jaideep Sagoo is a reflexologist, reiki practitioner and founder of Ebb + Flow; her treatment practice based in Bedfordshire. You can also find Jaideep on Instagram and Facebook.

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