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Why a day cream is your skin's daily superhero for healthy, radiant skin every day

In the ever-evolving world of skincare, it's easy to feel overwhelmed by the multitude of products available. But skincare doesn’t have to be complicated! One essential component of a daily skincare routine is the humble day cream, which plays a crucial role in maintaining healthy and radiant skin.

Don't underestimate the power of this unassuming skincare hero—natural face moisturisers are your secret weapon for maintaining beautiful skin, day in and day out.

Here at Willowberry, our number 1 bestseller is our Willowberry Nutrient Boost Day Cream, which shows how much of a staple it is in a skincare routine for many of you.

Hydration All Day Long
Day creams are formulated to provide continuous hydration throughout the day. This is especially vital for preventing dryness, flakiness and maintaining skin elasticity.

The Perfect Canvas for Make-up
Day creams create a smooth base for make-up application, helping foundation and other products glide effortlessly onto the skin. By maintaining skin hydration, day creams also contribute to longer-lasting makeup, helping to prevent it from settling into fine lines, wrinkles and dry skin.

An essential for mature skin
Day creams designed for mature skin (like our Willowberry Nutrient Boost Day Cream) are essential for addressing the specific skin needs that come with ageing. By providing hydration, protection and supporting skin resilience, these day creams contribute to a healthier, more radiant complexion as you navigate the natural ageing process.

Look for Hyaluronic Acid in your day cream
An essential hydration ingredient, hyaluronic acid helps the skin attract and retain moisture, resulting in smoother, plumper, softer skin with more elasticity. Our Willowberry Nutrient Boost Day Cream contains the hero Hyaluronic Acid alongside vitamins, antixoidants, essential fatty acids to nourish, hydrate and protect. It’s a natural moisturiser that delivers the goods.

Rated Best Day Cream by the Independent
Our multi-award-winning Willowberry Nutrient Boost Day Cream is rated Best Day Cream by the Independent, beating top beauty brands, stating “this delivers real life good skin in a jar.” If you’re looking for a natural face moisturiser that works, why not give it a go?


“This is now my third pot and people have asked me why I'm looking younger! I really love the way this cream feels and absorbs into my skin. I'm hooked!” Jackie S, verified buyer


Willowberry is nutritious natural skincare for grown-ups, for your best skin. 

A favourite with top make-up artists, Willowberry's luxurious award-winning products protect skin’s natural barrier function, to nourish and revive grown-up skin without telling women to be 'anti-ageing'.

As seen in Vogue, Independent, The Telegraph, This Morning and more.