How to start a fitness routine in your 30s, 40s & 50s

How to start a fitness routine in your 30s, 40s & 50s

Ashley Chatman is amazing. Ashley is an online fitness coach and owner of Fit Body by Ashley, and the reason why I love her is because her dance fitness workouts are so much FUN, that since discovering her videos on YouTube I workout 5 days a week. Every morning at 7.30am. I know. I can't believe it, either!

So I contacted Ashley to see if she would share her expert fitness advice with you all and I am thrilled she said yes.

Ashley gives Willowberry her top tips on how to start and maintain a fitness routine in your 30s, 40s and 50s.

1. "You need to have a strong connection to your 'WHY'. Ask yourself why losing weight, getting healthy, starting a fitness journey is so important to you and then write it down. Make a vision board of your goals and place it somewhere you can see it, so you're reminded of your goals every single day. That's a great start! But keep in mind that 'motivation' is fleeting. You won't always 'feel' like working out, eating healthy, or doing the work, so don't lay all your eggs in the motivation basket."

2. "You should have a clear plan that you're consistently following to help you get to your goals. And the more realistic the plan is for your lifestyle, the more likely you'll stick to it. No need to jump to extremes because those will most likely end with you gaining the weight back. Start with something you like that feels doable and work your way up from there."

3. "Get support in those moments where you don't feel like showing up. That could be from family, friends, a workout partner, a support group or a coach. Having someone else there to cheer you on makes a huge difference in how you take action."

4. "Be patient. Yes, there will be times where you want to lose 5 lbs real quick for an event or special occasion, but overall, your health and fitness journey should be a complete lifestyle change. Don't rush the process. Stop comparing yourself to others. Let go of what you thought it should look like. Get in the game, connect to your why, follow a clear plan, get support and don't stop until you reach the goal. You will get there!" 

Check out Ashley's YouTube channel Fit Body by Ashley and follow Fit Body by Ashley on Instagram.

Ashley also has a free 5-day dancefit challenge for a fun way to jump-start your fitness goals.

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