how to get smooth skin overnight

5 Ways To Improve Your Skin Texture Overnight

What does perfect skin look like to you? Blemish-free? Hydrated? Perhaps a plumper visage? Whichever qualifies as the end goal for your complexion, it's important to consider an even texture. Focusing on this will give you a smoother surface that is essential for flawless, healthy looking skin and an optimum base for your make-up.

From under-the-skin bumps (often referred to as comedones), to dryness, blemish scarring or adult acne, there are a myriad of culprits hampering your quest for a softer complexion. According to dermatologists, rough skin texture is often down to dead skin cells and congestion (caused by pollution, as well as touching your skin with unclean hands, your phone, beauty tools or your pillowcase). 

While a regular skincare regime is important for smooth and healthy skin, if your skin is in need of some urgent TLC we've compiled some tips to have it feeling smoother overnight.


Naturally we'll start with the most obvious solution – exfoliating. While it is important to slough away those dead skin cells that are causing rough skin, do so cautiously so as not to damage the skin's delicate barrier. For a speedy result, remove your cleanser with a flannel for added exfoliating effect, then gently exfoliate your skin - we recommend using a gentle exfoliator like the Willowberry PHA Liquid Exfoliator, which uses polyhydroxy acids (PHAs) as a gentle alternative to AHA and BHA acids, making it suitable for even sensitive skin. It provides daily gentle exfoliation to smooth, brighten, hydrate and protect skin, for a radiant-looking complexion.

Follow with a face mask after to boost the effects. Which leads us nicely to...

Maximise your face mask

Face masks are brilliant for adding an intensive boost of moisture and hydration to the skin. To maximise your mask, leave it on all evening or overnight (make sure your pillowcase is protected!) for a skin super-boost. The Willowberry Nutrient Boost Cleansing Balm doubles up as a super-effective face mask thanks to ultra-rich, nourishing ingredients of cocoa butter, rosehip and chia seed oil, for visible results by morning.

Stock up on oils

Soothing and healing qualities aside, face oils are ideal for a more even skin texture. The double act of face oil sees it hydrating and nourishing skin, while regulating sebum production to keep natural oils balanced (which also means no under-the-skin blemishes forming). Look for one that’s packed with antioxidants (like the Willowberry Nutrient Boost Face Oil) to fight against environmental aggressors as well as providing the moisture you need for radiance.

A for Antioxidants

Free radicals (we're looking at you, pollution) are up there as the main offenders of uneven skin texture. This means that potent antioxidants are a must-have in your ingredient lists for getting your skin back to where it should be. Not only will antioxidants fight the free radicals that cause skin damage, they also help to retain moisture and boost the brightness of skin quicker than you can say “dawn chorus”. It's why antioxidants are a core component of every Willowberry skincare formulation.

Drink water

Sometimes complex problems need simple solutions and they don't come more unfussy than water. There's nothing that will highlight an uneven skin texture more than dehydration, so flood your cells with trusty H2O (8 glasses a day) and you'll start to see a difference, as studies have revealed that drinking water can increase blood flow to the skin, which gives it an even tone.


Article by Jessica Harris

Willowberry is 'Nutritious Natural' skincare for grown-ups for your best skin. Launched in 2017, Willowberry is an award-winning independent British brand that has gained a cult following. Loved by top make-up artists, the streamlined, highly effective range protects skin’s natural barrier function to nourish and transform grown-up skin, with indulgent formulas that feed the skin and soul.