Dress how you want to be perceived

Dress how you want to be perceived

As we move through different stages in life, so our personal style can change. Different lifestyles, different careers, evolving personal taste and changing body shapes with age, pregnancy and birth can all have an impact. So how do we navigate these changes to know how to dress in a way that makes us feel good about ourselves?

Image Consultant and Coach, Kate Evans, says you should dress how you want to be perceived. Kate gets her clients to reflect on who they are, how they want to be seen and what works for them. “Dressing well is not all about having the latest trend,” explains Kate. “It’s about knowing what suits you and dressing to convey the qualities you want to be known for.”

Kate tells Willowberry her top tips to dress how you want to be perceived.

1. Define your ‘brand’ values
We all have an opinion on how we would like the world to view us, so decide three words which sum up how you would like someone else to describe you. Once you know these, every buying decision you make will be quicker and easier as you ‘check in’ with yourself to make sure that the item you want to buy is in line with what you want to look like.

2. Define what you would like to be wearing
Before you start shopping, go onto Pinterest and start pinning all the styling ideas you like the look of. Then pin items from brands that you like the look of. Make sure you are only pinning things you KNOW work for you – there is no point lusting after things that won’t love you back! Then check in your wardrobe (and try things on) for items that will allow you to make up part or all of the styling ideas you like and compile a list of what you might need to buy.

3. Define your budget
Think about the items on your list and put a star next to the investment pieces worth spending more on, as you know you are going to get so much wear out of them. Then put a dot next to the items that you would define as ‘budget’ because you might only wear them a few times.

4. Dedicate time to focus on shopping
Work out what you can get online and what you might need to buy from the high street. Then set aside 3 to 4 hours to shop, staying focused on your list. Once that’s fulfilled, budget allowing, you can go off-piste for things you might have spotted that weren’t on your list but you think would work for your overall look.

Kate Evans is an Image Consultant and Coach based in Dumbleton (near Cheltenham) in Gloucestershire. Visit Kate’s website and find her on Instagram @kateevansstyle.

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