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How To Adapt Your Make-Up Routine As You Get Older

If you've ever slathered on blue eyeshadow a la Abba, finished with electric blue mascara, you'll know that make-up habits change. While our teens and twenties (and maybe thirties) were a time to experiment and find our cosmetic groove, as we get older, our tastes evolve and what once looked amazing, may not hit the spot any longer.

With every passing decade we may notice a difference in skin texture, perhaps there are more fine lines and the odd sun spot to cover, which makes our old make-up sit a little differently. We only need to look to celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Helen Mirren and Monica Belucci to get a lesson on how to look effortlessly beautiful through flawless make-up. We know that adapting your look can be overwhelming, but with these easy tips, you'll thank us!

It starts with skincare
You wouldn't expect a masterpiece from an artist on an unkept canvas and the same applies for our make-up. Creating a smooth and even base will help your make-up last longer and sit more naturally. Massage in a hydrating moisturiser like Willowberry's Nutrient Boost Day Cream for a few minutes to de-puff your face and increase blood flow for a lit-from-within glow and follow with a tinted primer for a smooth base.

Less is more
While a smokey eye or a red lip are perfect for evening make-up, your everyday look should focus on highlighting your features subtly that attract comments like “you look really well”. Think, a glowy base, a light blusher, curled eyelashes and sculpted brows, finished with a nude lipstick.

Arm yourself with tools
Although our hands may have given us a natural finish in the past, now is the time to be precise with your application by using the right make-up tools. Create an even base with a foundation brush, blend concealer with a sponge and make sure your eyeshadow is accurately distributed with a brush. 

Go dewy
Nothing will make your face look more tired and dehydrated than matte make-up. Too many times have we tried to blend our foundation out of our smile lines and crows feet after an hour of wear. Bring your skin back to life and give your face an overall just-been-away glow with a tinted moisturiser followed by a touch of light foundation (not matte) on the areas you need more coverage such as your nose and cheeks. Try to keep make-up light around the eye and forehead area to avoid it sitting in any creases. Also opt for cream make-up formulations over powder, as they will be easier to apply on drier skin.

Focus on the eyes
They are the windows to our soul after all! After the age of 34, dark circles, fine lines and puffiness set in around our eye area which can make our face look fatigued and lacklustre. By incorporating eye masks, daily massage and an eye cream containing caffeine like Willowberry's Reviving Eye Cream, it can brighten the eye area and make our make-up sit better. Try keeping your eye products in the fridge for a cool de-puffing application.

Softly does it
It's easy to slip into the traditional make-up habits of black mascara, black eyeliner and a pink blush, but cosmetics have come on a long way in recent years and there are now more options than ever for every skin tone. As we get older, our everyday make-up go-tos may not suit our face anymore and it could be time for a change. Take a softer approach to tones with a brown mascara or navy eyeline which won't look so harsh, and a coral-toned blush for a warmer effect.


Article by Jessica Harris

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