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Why Cleansing Is THE Most Important Part Of Your Skincare Routine

While we try to decipher the many, many steps to the optimum skincare regime, there's one that still overshadows the rest – cleansing. Balms, lotions, gels and water, there are many different formulas cleansers come in but the importance remains the same – to clean off the day and create a receptive base for whatever skincare to follow.

Sure, we've all been too tired to cleanse our skin and rolled into bed and regretted it in the morning, but without a daily cleanse morning and evening (yes, twice a day), we're leaving our skin open to a multitude of issues. As our first line of defence, our skin absorbs everything from dirt and pollution to make-up and UV rays. If left, these particles build up on the skin causing blocked pores, inflammation, acne breakouts and poor skin texture.

Cleansing may seem like the simplest step in our skincare regime, and while new ingredients, products and steps have their day in the sun, cleansing remains the most effective way to achieve your most glowing complexion. Still not convinced? Read on. 

It boosts hydration
As our skin renews every day, we're left with a collection of dead skin cells that are no longer needed. These can cause skin to look dull and lack lustre unless they are cleansed away every day (even in the morning as our skin does most of its turnover at night). Cleansers will also help to balance the natural pH levels in our skin, helping it to retain water and therefore achieve a smoother texture.

It keeps blemishes in check
It stands to reason that by letting dirt and grime build up on your skin, you're likely to get a pretty nasty breakout soon after. Thanks to the small glands under our skin that create sebum (oil), our skin has a natural level of protection. However, as hair follicles are the pathway to reach the skin's surface, if this is obstructed by sweat or dirt, it allows bacteria to enter the skin causing inflammation and spot breakouts.

It strengthens your skin barrier
By not cleansing daily, it compromises the skin barrier and leaves you open to long-term skin conditions like rosacea and skin sensitivity. Washing away the day with a nourishing cleanser like Willowberry's Nutrient Boost Cleansing Balm will reinforce the outer layer of the skin, protecting it from impurities.

It improves skin texture
Ever wonder why your skin isn't quite as soft and smooth as you'd like? Skipping that twice daily cleansing ritual, not washing your face for long enough or using a formula that's laden with alcohol could be the reason. By allowing our skin to build up with product, make-up or everyday dirt will lead to blocked pores and a rougher skin texture, particularly on the cheeks and forehead.


Article by Jessica Harris

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