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How to combat dry, cracked hands this winter

How to combat dry, cracked hands this winter

When it comes to the collateral damage caused by the pandemic, the state of our hands is a superficial but sore point.

The continuing need to keep washing our hands regularly, together with the approach of the colder months (complete with biting wind, lashing rain and reliance on central heating) can cause hands to become dry, flaky and sore.

To keep hands looking good and feeling even better, you need to give them consistent care. By regularly moisturising - and treating yourself to a manicure - you can help to see off the worst of the damage and ensure you aren’t suffering through the winter.

Here’s our handy (groan!) how-to guide to care for hands and nails:


  • Exfoliate gently with a hand scrub for 5 minutes. Opt for a hydrating scrub and, using the gentlest massage, work it over your hands. Doing this regularly removes the dead cells from the top layer of skin revealing softer, smoother skin underneath. A scrub will also improve your hand cream’s performance by allowing it to be more easily absorbed.

  • Find a hand cream that fits into your life with ease. If you have a heavy, greasy cream that puts you out of action for the half hour it takes to sink in … or else you end up wiping it off so you can get on with your life… it’s not going to work.

    This is exactly why we created our NEW Willowberry Indulgent Hand & Body Lotion to be ultra-nourishing yet non-greasy and easily-absorbed (and you can slather it all over your body, too).

Top tips:

  1. Keep one hand cream by your kitchen sink, one by the bathroom sink and one by your bed. Then you’re more likely to use it every time you wash your hands and before you go to sleep, and you will reap the benefits. Consistent care is key.
  1. Apply hand cream and put on rubber gloves before washing up or doing the housework and also before putting (non-rubber!) gloves on and going out in the cold.


Rubbing a little oil into your cuticles will keep them nourished and smooth, and will also feed your nails and keep them from drying out, splitting and breaking. Our Willowberry Nutrient Boost Face Oil and Willowberry Sensitive Face Oil double up as the perfect cuticle and nail oil thanks to their high nutritional content. You need hardly any as just one drop goes a long way (and it’s always satisfying to have products that have more than one purpose).

NEW! Willowberry Indulgent Hand & Body Lotion

Our new Willowberry Indulgent Hand & Body Lotion, a nutrient-rich blend of aloe vera, shea butter and sweet almond oil, already has loyal fans including Ruth Crilly and British Beauty Blogger. It is soothing and nourishing, thoroughly hydrating but – crucially – easily and quickly absorbed. With pomegranate, kahai and rosehip oils, it’s a treat to use and your hands – and body - will thank you for it. The addition of a beautiful natural spa scent makes it a self-care experience to be enjoyed.


Willowberry is nutritious natural skincare for grown-ups, for your best skin. 

A favourite with top make-up artists, Willowberry's luxurious award-winning products protect skin’s natural barrier function, to nourish and revive grown-up skin without telling women to be 'anti-ageing'.

As seen in Vogue, Independent, The Telegraph, This Morning and more.

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