NHS & Willowberry

NHS & Willowberry

I am so pleased to be helping NHS staff at Cheltenham General Hospital, by donating 100 of my Willowberry Nutrient Boost Face Oils, to help them with the skin irritation being caused by wearing protective face masks at work all day.

I've had many messages from NHS staff asking advice on which products to use to best help their skin issues caused by the face masks, which led me to the idea to donate Willowberry products to my local hospital. I wish I could donate enough for every single staff member, but as a small business I would rather do something than do nothing at all.

A BIG thank you to my lovely Willowberry Wonder Woman, Frankie Chapman, who is a Willowberry customer, Cheltenham NHS worker and a friend of mine. I asked Frankie how best to get the products in the hands of staff and she offered to personally deliver them to the wards with the most mask usage.

I will personally be making this batch of face oils especially for the NHS workers this week, once my supplies arrive.

A BIG thank you to our NHS workers on the frontline of coronavirus ❤

Jenni Retourné, Founder, Willowberry

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