how to look after skin this christmas

Say Hello To Your Festive Season Skincare Saviours

Mulled wine, party food and leftover turkey sandwiches – the next few weeks are going to be a wonderful haze of indulgence. And don't we all deserve a bit of that this year? Although it's vital to enjoy the festive season and all of the indulgent traditions it presents, it's also important to step up your skincare saviours to compensate for the effects it may have on your complexion.

While alcohol, processed foods and late nights are all part and parcel of Christmas for most of us, they can also wreak havoc with our complexion. From dehydration and breakouts to dullness and heightened sensitivities, the ramifications can be instant. But (hurrah!), there is plenty you can do to minimise the effects - and even improve your skin - over the festive season. Yes, cutting down or not having the culprits would obviously work, but we're no Grinch here, so we'll give you some clever tips instead.

Don't skip the cleanser
While you may be tempted to skip your usual nightly cleansing routine after one too many champagnes or because you can barely keep your eyes open, don't! During times of indulgence, t's more important than ever to make sure all traces of dirt, make-up and bacteria are removed, so it doesn't sit on skin overnight and cause dryness, irritation and breakouts.

Night time is also when our skin does all of its best work; rejuvenating. Establish a good cleansing routine that includes ingredients that will support your skin's barrier function. Willowberry's Nutrient Cleansing Balm is packed full of  rosehip, chia seed and vitamin E to protect and nourish the skin's precious barrier.

Super-charge hydration
With central heating, colder climes and salt and sugar-laden Christmas food zapping the moisture out of skin, now is not the time to scrimp on moisturiser. Willowberry's Nutrient Boost Day Cream provides superior hydration in an easily-absorbed, non-greasy formula, so it works well for both day and night hydration. And if you want to super-charge your moisturiser, mix it with a few drops of face oil.

Protect, protect, protect
Adding another line of defence for your skin is a must during the Christmas period. Our delicate skin barrier may thin as we age, but there are plenty of factors that accelerate the process such as harsh chemicals, environmental aggressors and the wrong skincare. Give it another layer of protection and add in a dose of antioxidants with Willowberry's Nutrient Boost Face Oil which, thanks to its high concentration of fatty acids, vitamin E and geranium essential oil will nourish and moisturise, whilst balancing sebum production.

The eyes have it
Our eyes go through a lot this time of year. From whipping winds to ever-changing temperatures, it's easy for them to become dry and sensitive. Throw in some late-night gift wrapping, early morning shopping trips and a few glasses of your favourite tipple, and you've got some puffy peepers on your hands. Soothe and de-puff the delicate eye area with some frozen cucumber slices and Willowberry's Reviving Eye Cream. Containing a whole host of active ingredients targeted specifically for the eye area, the addition of hyaluronic acid hydrates and smooths skin.


Article by Jessica Harris

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