The ladies on Instagram who are showing us how to age brilliantly

The ladies on Instagram showing us how to age brilliantly, beautifully and confidently

There is a phrase that comes to mind a lot here at Willowberry: you can’t be what you can’t see. We know there is a way to go to see older women represented more fully across all forms of the media; we are hopeful that change is coming and we are passionate about playing our part in the process via our Age Without Apology pledge. Help yourself by surrounding yourself with positive, relatable women across your social media; here’s our pick of women on Instagram who are ageing brilliantly, beautifully and confidently.

Sandra Sallin @sandrasallin
Sandra has appeared on our AgeWithoutApology Instagram Live Chat series. The American 80-something artist and blogger ‘with way too many lipsticks’ is a source of inspiration and joy and proof that ‘influencer’ is not age restricted.

Inge Ladd @inge_ladd
An actress and Vogue model (not to mention a wedding officiator in her spare time), Inge’s account is an explosion of colour, creativity, fashion and some incredible tattoos. A glorious lesson in keeping that spark of creativity burning bright.

And Bloom @and.bloom
Denise Boomkens is a photographer, journalist and the author of ‘And Bloom: The Art of Ageing Unapologetically’. Infused with positivity around ageing and the female form, her grid is full of her photographic portraits and mini interviews of women in midlife and beyond.

That’s Not My Age @thatsnotmyage
Fashion journalist Alyson Walsh offers up a stylish and sophisticated collection of what she’s wearing, scattered through with gorgeously tasteful shots of interiors, homeware, flowers and street scenes, all taken with a fashion expert’s eye.

Alternative Ageing @alternativeageing
Suzi Grant has a positive ageing message which she delivers with a warm, smiley, glass-half-full vibe. Reinventing herself on Instagram after getting bored with retirement, her grid is a feast for the eyes thanks to her penchant for beautiful dresses (and great glasses) with a vintage slant.

Ageing Disgracefully @ageingdisgracefully
Anything but disgraceful, this Australian blogger‘s attitude to ageing is to embrace all it offers with gratitude, grace and fabulous long, grey hair. Her Instagram is a showcase of family, friends, home renovation and musings on the psychological impact of what we wear.

Sophie Fontanel @sophiefontanel
Recently featured in a Sunday Times Style article on ‘silvfluencers’, super chic Sophie is a Parisian journalist who turned her decision to embrace her natural grey into an Instagram journey that has resonated with thousands. Look out for the winningly idiosyncratic English translations she gives to her posts.

Danae Mercer @danaemercer
Danae is a body acceptance activist who speaks up on the disturbing effect that filtered and doctored images have on girls, boys, men, women. She offers insight into the tricks that some influencers use to alter their photographs. Empowering and important content for us all.

Funking After 50 @funkingafter50
Arlinda McIntosh is a self-described ‘bonafied ProAger’ and the founder of The Sofistafunk label of zero-waste skirts and accessories. Her grid shows her roller-skating into her 50s with the mantra: ‘#ProAge Like Everybody’s Watching’.

Does My Bum Look 40 @doesmybumlook40
'Rage sighing', life with teenagers, daily outfits, beauty products, red lipstick. Writer/stylist/blogger Kat Farmer delivers aspirational midlife-next-door with added glamour, thanks to her knack of putting together outfits you just want to copy. Funny, too, on life observations from a 40+ point of view.

Silver Is The New Blonde @silver_isthenewblonde
Named by the NY Times as one of the ‘glamorous grandmas of Instagram’, Jan Correll is a tech consultant turned influencer and age positivity empowerer. From gorgeous fashion and beauty inspiration to posts on hearing loss and the mattress that helped her hot flushes… it’s all here.


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