how to look after skin in menopause

The No-Fuss Way To Tackle Menopausal Skin

Shrouded in mystery with tales of mood swings and feelings of invisibility, it's no wonder that most women dread the inevitable stage of menopause. Still a taboo subject, littered with shame and confusion, the menopause and perimenopause can span years, throwing up all sorts of curveballs – both physically and mentally. One of the side effects is the havoc that fluctuating hormones can have on our skin during this time. From oily breakouts to dullness and dry sensitivity, there's a whole host of complexion woes to contend with.

As oestrogen levels changes, you could experience cystic breakouts along the chin and jawline, while the slowing of the sebaceous glands and the skin's ability to hold on to moisture can cause dehydration. If that wasn't enough, collagen levels decrease by 30% in the first five years of menopause, sensitivity increases, pigmentation worsens and hair growth on the face starts sprouting up in places you don't want it to. It all sounds like bad news, right? Luckily, we have plenty of solutions to help you navigate this tricky time and get your skin back on track, to give you one less thing to worry about.

Hydrate and nourish
While topical moisturising is necessary, ingesting plenty of hydration is a two-prong approach to tackling skin dryness. Drinking plenty of water and herbal teas alongside an anti-inflammatory diet that includes whole grains, fresh vegetables, nuts and lean protein can do the world of good for your mood as well as your complexion. Avoid hot showers which will dry the skin out further and add in a skincare product with hyaluronic acid to help boost skin moisturisation and keep it there. Willowberry's Nutrient Boost Day Cream contains hyaluronic acid to help plump dry skin.

As the ceramides that hold the skin barrier together start to break down due to changing oestrogen levels, our skin becomes thinner and more vulnerable to the elements. This in turn increases redness, irritation and skin sensitivity. Adding essential antioxidants and vitamins is key to protect the skin's barrier and can be found in Willowberry's Sensitive Facial Oil, which is perfect to calm down irritated complexions and strengthen the skin's barrier. 

Dull and lifeless skin is a common side effect of menopause and perimenopause, but can be easily remedied. Regular gentle exfoliation twice a week can encourage cell turnover and slough away dead skin cells, leaving a radiant visage underneath. As some harsh exfoliators can compromise our skin barrier, try using a flannel when cleansing, which can provide gentle daily exfoliation without damaging the skin. 

Your skin goes through a lot during menopause and needs all the nourishment it can get. Using a rich balm containing a natural butter like cocoa butter will help to nourish skin deep down. Willowberry's Nutrient Boost Cleansing Balm is ideal for nourishing the skin and contains both these ingredients - use a soft flannel to remove for added gentle exfoliation.

While dry skin is rife during menopause, oily skin and breakouts are just as prevalent, thanks to excess sebum levels. Balance the skin's sebum production with a light face oil, which will help stop over-production of skin's natural oils (instead of stripping away the skin's oil, which would just cause skin to produce more in response), while leaving it feeling nourished and comfortable. Willowberry's Nutrient Boost Face Oil is ideal for this.


Article by Jessica Harris

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