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The Number One Rule for Good Skin

The Number One Rule for Good Skin

If you only do one thing for your skin, make sure you cleanse. Properly, twice daily, with a good quality cleanser (check out our Willowberry Nutrient Boost Cleansing Balm). Because if you leave the day's dirt and make-up on your face, it's going to take its toll and skin can become dull, dry, irritated, inflamed, red, spotty... without you ever realising that not cleansing your face was the cause. Here are our top tips for the best cleanse.
  • Use a hydrating cleanser like a balm or an oil, rather than a foaming cleanser which can strip the skin of its natural oils (even oily skin needs it natural oil for protection)
  • Use a flannel rather than a muslin cloth, as it is thicker so gives gentle exfoliation and more thorough product removal
  • Massage the cleanser into your skin thoroughly to lift the dirt and make-up from the skin, before removing thoroughly with a flannel rinsed in warm water
  • If you are wearing a lot of make-up, double-cleanse to remove all last traces
  • Always use a fresh flannel to cleanse your face, otherwise you are putting old dirt and germs back onto the skin
  • Cleanse morning and night. Without fail. Even when you’re tired. Even when it’s late. I promise you will see the difference in your skin
  • If you’re too tired to cleanse your face just before bed, do it in the evening once you are in for the night

Willowberry is 'Nutritious Natural' skincare for grown-ups for your best skin. Launched in 2017, Willowberry is an award-winning independent British brand that has gained a cult following. Loved by top make-up artists, the streamlined, highly effective range protects skin’s natural barrier function to nourish and transform grown-up skin, with indulgent formulas that feed the skin and soul.

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