Vitamins in skincare Feeding your skin from the outside in

Vitamins in skincare: Feeding your skin from the outside in

Eating a colourful, varied and healthy diet is key to keeping vitamin levels topped up to maintain a healthy body and mind. While eating your vitamins delivers their benefits throughout the body, you can also apply them directly onto your skin to help benefit your complexion.

At Willowberry, we formulate nutritious natural skincare for grown-ups with a focus on vitamins, together with antioxidants and essential fatty acids, to give you high-performance skincare that protects the skin’s natural barrier function. We use nutrient-rich ingredients such as rosehip oil which contains vitamins A and E, jojoba oil with vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and E and grapeseed oil with vitamins A, B, C and E. (A full list of the ingredients in each of our products can be found on our website.)

So, what exactly do the vitamins in skincare do for our skin? Here’s our guide to the main players:

Vitamin A
Something of a skincare superhero, you may be familiar with the term retinoids: any retinoid product is active vitamin A by another name. Varying in strength from prescription-only products down to over-the-counter dilutions, vitamin A has been proved to have visible results on skin. Found in plant sources, when used in skincare it promotes cell growth, aids healing and reduces breakouts. It’s anti-inflammatory, promotes firmness and evens tone. It also helps with moisture retention and glow.

Find Vitamin A in Willowberry: Vitamin A is present in every single Willowberry product.

Vitamin B
Between them, the 8 types of vitamin B help to keep your skin’s barrier protected and reduce inflammation. They minimise irritation and encourage the production of ceramides (lipids which help the skin to retain moisture) while also promoting cell turnover and accelerating healing. Plus they act as antioxidants: Meaning they protect skin from damaging free radicals caused by pollution, UV rays and lifestyle factors such as smoking.

Find Vitamin B in Willowberry: Vitamin B is present in every single Willowberry product.

Vitamin C
When it comes to skincare, vitamin C is a game changer. A powerful antioxidant, it’s not produced naturally by the body which is why we need to drink our juice, eat our broccoli and peppers (other vitamin C sources are available) and apply it to our skin. It promotes healing by igniting collagen and elastin production which also plump up the skin. It’s anti-inflammatory and calms redness. It can help even skin tone and lessen dark spots and is the original glow giver and radiance booster.

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Vitamin D
Our bodies need sunshine to be able to produce vitamin D. This is a contentious issue partly because too much sun exposure is bad news for skin (always wear an SPF of at least 30) but also because here in the UK there isn’t always that much sun to soak up. So, food sources, supplements and skincare help to boost levels of this beneficial antioxidant, which strengthens elastin and is good for overall skin health.

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Vitamin E
A powerful antioxidant that is a good friend to mature skin thanks to its hydrating, nourishing and protecting properties. It’s such a good all-rounder that you will find it in many skincare products, usually appearing on the ingredient list as ‘tocopherol’. It helps soften, soothe and heal, strengthens the skin’s barrier, is anti-inflammatory, stimulates cell production and aids skin repair.

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