willowberry age without apology pledge launch

Willowberry launches Age Without Apology Pledge to change the age narrative in beauty

Willowberry has always championed beauty at all ages; we want you to know you can get older and still look good and feel relevant; to Age Without Apology.

But the current age narrative in beauty can inadvertently make women feel bad about their age, due to age-resistant wording such as ‘anti-ageing’ combined with a need for more older women to be represented in beauty imagery.

 As an industry, we have a responsibility to make age visible and normal.

We can’t change the age narrative alone. So Willowberry is calling for change to the age narrative in beauty with its new Age Without Apology Pledge. We're inviting the beauty industry to join forces to make real change, by using better language around age and showing older ages within beauty imagery. It’s not about what has come before. It’s about how we move forward, together.

If you are part of the beauty industry and would like to join our Age Without Apology pledge, click here for more information.


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