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Industry peers have joined forces with Willowberry to challenge the age narrative in beauty, because together we are stronger.

Jenni Retourné - Founder, Willowberry

"I want women to know that they can get older and still look good and feel relevant."

Fatima Truscott - Writer & stylist

“Holding onto the errors of the past is futile, it’s what we do next that counts.”

Millie Kendall - MBE, British Beauty Council

“I'd like to see more representation of like-minded 50 year olds in advertising & in-store.”

Inge Ladd - Model & actress

“Why would I prevent my body from moving on, when my mind is doing it every day?"

Jane Cunningham - British Beauty Blogger

“We've got a little stuck in a narrative within the beauty industry that prizes youth.”

Nicola Bonn - Outspoken Beauty

“The words 'anti-ageing' contribute to a wider ageism that is prominent in society.”

Sandra Sallin - Artist & blogger

"Talk about having your skin feel good, instead of 'anti-age'. What's wrong with old?”

Anna Cascarina - Anti-ageism stylist

“We need to work with skin changes, not fight it. Maybe then we'll see less fear around ageing."

Emma Bardwell - Menopause expert

“Ageism impacts women’s confidence, earnings and wellbeing."

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