why face oils are a must-have for mature skin

Age Without Apology: Why face oils are a must-have for mature skin

Skincare is about nourishing and nurturing for your best skin, rather than using harsh products to ‘strip’ skin or trying to reverse the signs of time. This is particularly important for mature skin: As we get older, our skin cell regeneration slows down and our skin produces less natural oils, which can cause skin to become dry, dull and rough with age, so it needs nourishing and nurturing skincare.

That’s why a face oil is your secret weapon for midlife and mature skin; not only will a face oil help compensate for the reduction of natural oils in the skin, but it will also help to nourish and hydrate deep down to bring life and glow back to skin.

At Willowberry we have two face oils; one scented and one scent-free. Both are ultra-light and easily absorbed, enriched with powerful natural plant oils of rosehip, chia seed and grapeseed, with the addition of pure vitamin E, to give skin an antioxidant boost. The Willowberry Nutrient Boost Face Oil has a beautiful natural spa-scent from geranium and coriander seed oils while the Willowberry Sensitive Face Oil is scent-free.


Willowberry is nutritious natural skincare for grown-ups, for your best skin. 

A favourite with top make-up artists, Willowberry's luxurious award-winning products protect skin’s natural barrier function, to nourish and revive grown-up skin without telling women to be 'anti-ageing'.

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