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what order to put skincare in

What order to put on skincare

When deciding what order to put on skincare there are some general rules of thumb, while other parts of your skincare routine can come down to your own preference.

You can use the following as a general guide for a daily skincare routine:

Step 1: Cleansing

Step 2: Exfoliator

Step 3: Eye Cream

Step 4: Face oil/serum

Step 5: Moisturiser

Cleansing should always be your first step – clean skin is a must for a healthy, glowing complexion and it helps prep your skin to maximise the performance of the rest of your skincare that follows. (We recommend using a cleansing balm for a thorough cleanse that also nourishes skin.)

Exfoliation should come next – there’s no point using other skincare products before exfoliation (except to cleanse your skin), as it would simply be removed during the exfoliation. NB: Only use an exfoliator every day if it has been designed specifically for daily use, otherwise you risk damaging your skin. Our Willowberry PHA Liquid Exfoliator is a super-gentle exfoliator designed for daily use and is suitable for even sensitive skin types.

Then there is the age-old debate of whether to use face oil before or after moisturising – there is no rule to this, either way is absolutely fine for the skin so it comes down to your own preference. We always prefer to use face oil before moisturiser. Our Willowberry Nutrient Boost Face Oil is ultra-light and easily absorbed, so can be used day and night for maximum skin nourishment.


Willowberry is nutritious natural skincare for grown-ups, for your best skin. 

A favourite with top make-up artists, Willowberry's luxurious award-winning products protect skin’s natural barrier function, to nourish and revive grown-up skin without telling women to be 'anti-ageing'.

As seen in Vogue, Independent, The Telegraph, This Morning and more.

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