Clever ways to multi-use your skincare products

Clever ways to multi-use your skincare products

Maximise your skincare with our multi-purpose tips and tricks to make your skincare products go further.

Skincare multi-use 1: Use cleansing balm as a face mask
Did you know that the Willowberry Nutrient Boost Cleansing Balm doubles up as a brilliant face mask? By leaving the rich, nourishing formula on the skin, it helps to hydrate, brighten, boost and smooth skin, with immediate results.

Cleanse your skin with the balm first, then apply a rich layer of the balm over the entire face (avoiding the eyes), leave for 10 minutes to two hours (depending how much time you’ve got!), then pat any remnants of the balm off with a flannel, for instant skin glow.     

Skincare multi-use 2: Use face oil as a highlighter
Tapping a facial oil onto your cheekbones not only adds a flattering glow that accentuates your cheeckbones, it also acts as a more flattering alternative to powder-based highlighters, especially on more mature skin.

Apply your make-up as usual then as a final step, tap a little facial oil (using your fingertip) onto the top of cheekbones. The trick is not to use too much. Our Willowberry Nutrient Boost Face Oil is perfect for this, as it is light and easily absorbed so won’t sit too heavily on top of the skin. This way will add beautiful natural highlights whilst also imparting a moisturising boost.

Skincare multi-use 2: Move your moisturiser down
If you only ever apply your moisturiser to your face, you’re missing a trick. One you’ve applied the Willowberry Nutrient Boost Day Cream to your face, keep on going over the neck and chest. These areas lack moisture as we age, yet we often forget to hydrate them. By doing this trick daily, you will help to keep your neck and chest area looking hydrated, smooth and supple.

Skincare multi-use 4: Rub excess face oil into elbows
Once you’ve finished applying your Willowberry Nutrient Boost Face Oil to your face, rub any excess oil that is on your fingertips over your elbows – an area that is prone to dryness. You’ll soon notice the difference!

Skincare multi-use 5: Treat your cuticles, too
Get into the habit of regularly rubbing a drop of Willowberry Nutrient Boost Face Oil into cuticles; it will help to nourish and smooth cuticles and can make your nails stronger, too. Your fingers will soon look noticeably better and it will be easier to apply nail polish, too.


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