Flannel or muslin cloth?

Flannel or muslin cloth?

Some cleansers, such as a cleansing balm, require a face cloth to thoroughly remove all of the product, dirt and grime from your face once the cleanser has done its job. Actually, I recommend using a face cloth even with a cleanser that doesn’t necessarily need it, such as a cream cleanser, as it is a very thorough way to cleanse.

I have spoken to quite a few people recently who have asked whether a flannel or a muslin cloth is better. My personal preference is a flannel, as it’s thicker than a muslin cloth so it does a more thorough job of cleansing and removal of make-up, dirt and grime. The textured finish of a flannel is also great for giving your skin gentle daily exfoliation as you cleanse.

Muslin cloths meanwhile are a lot thinner and have a smooth texture, so I don’t feel like they do as thorough a job as a flannel. And you don’t get that extra exfoliating boost that you get from a flannel.

Many people say they prefer a muslin cloth because it dries a lot quicker after you have used it in water, because it is a thinner material. While this is true, really you should be using a fresh, clean face cloth every day, rather than re-using the same face cloth a number of times. Otherwise you are wiping the dirt, bacteria and old make-up straight back onto your face again!

You wouldn’t eat from the same plate twice without washing it first, and I believe the same should go for your face cloths. Have a batch of about 7-10 face cloths (you can roll each one up and store it in a basket hotel-style) and use them on rotation, putting your used face cloth into the wash each time. Your skin will thank you for it!

Where I do believe muslin cloths are useful are when you travel, as you don’t want damp flannels festering away in your wash bag. Muslin cloths dry faster, so you can pop them into your wash bag soon after you have used them.