Map of My Skin update

Map of My Skin update

I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who took part in our #mapofmyskin campaign on Instagram recently, where we encouraged women to share their own no-filter selfie on Instagram with a caption telling the story of the #mapofmyskin – the events in their lives that have created the beautifully unique faces they have today.

The aim of this campaign was to encourage women to look at their faces in a new light - to see their unique beauty created by the stories of their lives, rather than seeking out perceived flaws; and to see the signs of time as a celebration of a life well lived, rather than dreading the signs of ageing.

Women I have spoken to tell me that our campaign made them judge themselves less harshly in the mirror and this makes me so happy to hear. One woman told me it put her out of her comfort zone but ended up being therapeutic, while another said they often look in the mirror and don't like what they see, but our Map of My Skin campaign made them realise 'this is ME'.

As women we are so quick to be our own worst critics. You wouldn't look at a friend and say 'wow, you look awful today', so why speak to yourself like that? That inner voice is denting your own self esteem as much as it would if it was said to you by someone else. You don't look at a friend and think she needs to de-wrinkle her skin - you see her smily eyes and her cheeky grin, or whatever it may be. So try being kinder to yourself in the mirror and see the difference in how it makes you feel.

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