Interview: facialist Louisa Quiddington

Interview: facialist Louisa Quiddington

Louisa Quiddington is the owner of re:face, a specialist skincare centre in Cheltenham, UK. Louisa talks to Willowberry natural skincare about what a daily skincare routine should consist of, the importance of exfoliation and why a lot of people’s skin isn’t as bad as they think it is.

What are the biggest skincare concerns that people come to you with?
The two main reasons people come to see me are ageing and skin congestion - and sometimes both. I think most people over the age of 30 are concerned with ageing and trying to delay the inevitable as much as they can, by having regular treatments and using better quality skincare products.

I have quite a few clients with acne, from teen acne to adult acne. Each requires a very different approach – I could talk all day about that.

Something else I have noticed in recent years is that more and more people are obsessing about pores and blackheads. I think this has a lot to do with social media and filtering, which makes everyone think that everyone else has perfect skin (no pores and no blackheads), when in fact it’s just a filter. So I get asked to do lots of extractions and often end up telling people their skin is nowhere near as bad as they think it is.

How do you identify what each person’s individual skin needs are?
I always start with a thorough consultation and talk to the client about what skincare concerns they have. Then I examine their skin under my magnifying lamp to see what condition it is in. Once I have established what skincare issues need to be addressed, I work out a treatment plan and recommend changes to their current skincare routine at home to improve these concerns.

How do facials contribute to good skin?
It’s a bit like going to the dental hygienist every few months to maintain the health of your teeth. A facial should provide something that you can’t achieve at home: professional strength exfoliation with AHAs, steaming and extractions, lymphatic or muscle stimulating massages and super strength serums with active ingredients that can be penetrated deeply into the skin with electrical modalities.

Saying that, I still believe that if it is a choice between having regular facials or investing in good products, it is more important to have a really good home skincare routine. After all, you wouldn’t just see the hygienist every 3 months and not clean your teeth in between!

What do you consider the top mistakes that people make with their skin?
It’s not so much about what they do, it’s what they are not doing:

1. Not using the products they buy or not giving them a chance. I think most people get into the routine of cleansing and moisturising twice a day but what really makes a difference for lots of skin concerns is exfoliation and that requires a tiny bit more effort – a little effort goes a long way. It also takes time for the difference to show – you can’t expect to see miracles within a week or two.

2. Believing that one product will transform their skin. It can take a few months to get the products and the routine right. Everyone’s skin is SO different, so it can be a process of trial and error to get it right. But with a professional to guide you, it is easier to get to where you want to be.

What should a daily skincare routine consist of?
At the basic level:
AM: cleanse, moisturise, SPF.
PM: double cleanse, moisturise. A daily exfoliator either in the morning OR the evening.

At a more advanced level:
AM: cleanse, hydrate (with spray toner), serum, moisturise, eye cream, SPF.
PM: double cleanse (first with an oil-based cleanser then with a skin-type specific cleanser), daily exfoliator, serum, moisturiser, eye cream.

What are your top tips for good skin?
There are so many aspects to getting good skin. Some people are blessed and don’t have to work very hard to achieve it and others really have to put in a big effort.

In terms of lifestyle: Drink LOTS of water, avoid refined sugar, obviously don’t smoke and stay out of the sun. Stress less – difficult one I know!

In terms of skin care: Use SPF daily, exfoliate – using AHAs preferably (it gives that healthy glow we all strive for), use a non-comedogenic moisturiser.

What are your thoughts on our Willowberry products?
I love them! I really rate oil/balm cleansers as they are great for all skin types: oily skin benefits from the fact that oil attracts oil, so you pick up excess oil from the skin’s surface and wash away without stripping the skin and dry skin benefits from the nourishing aspect of the natural oils.

My favourite Willowberry product is the facial oil, which is light enough to use daily without clogging and even sits really nicely under make up.

The Willowberry moisturiser absorbs really well and has a gorgeous silky consistency. All the Willowberry products have a gentle natural scent to them, which I think is reassuring for those of us with sensitive skin.

How do you take care of your wellbeing?
I’ve recently got into Pilates and Barre classes at One Grove, which I absolutely love. I also have a massage every 3 weeks with Paula Badrock at Oakwell Health, which has really helped with my shoulder tension. I’ve spent years telling people they need to go for a massage regularly and having finally taken my own advice for the last year or so, I can honestly say it is so worthwhile! I am lucky to have a job that is pretty stress-free and I enjoy doing, so that saves a lot of the day-to-day stress.

To book a consultation or facial with Louisa Quiddington, visit her website at You can also find Louisa on Facebook and Instagram.

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