Our top 15 tips to get you into good skincare habits this New Year

Our top 15 tips to get you into good skincare habits this New Year  

What better time to review your skincare routine than at the start of a brand new year? Here are our top 15 tips to help you get your best skin this year.

  1. Don’t sleep with your make-up on. Sometimes all you want to do is close your eyes and get under the covers, but sleeping in make-up can cause breakouts and irritation. Try cleansing when you come in from work rather than leaving it until bedtime. Use a nourishing cleansing balm for the most thorough and comfortable cleanse.
  1. Love the skin that you’re in. Your skin is not the enemy: it doesn’t need harsh products or super strong ingredients that sandblast it into submission. They will have the opposite effect. Remember: nourish rather than strip. Your face also doesn’t need ‘reversing’ – signs of age are absolutely normal.
  1. SPF. Always. Go for at least SPF 30 and apply to your face every day, even when it’s cloudy and grey. Use a separate SPF to ensure adequate UV protection, rather than relying on SPF within your skincare.
  1. Cool it. Don’t use hot water when washing your face, it can strip the skin of the natural oils that keep it healthy and comfortable.
  1. Feed your skin with goodness. Add in vitamins and antioxidants not only to your diet, but via your skincare. Willowberry is all about nutritious natural ingredients that deliver a healthy beauty boost to skin.
  1. Exfoliate regularly. It’s the skincare equivalent of sweeping the cobwebs away. Be gentle though. Willowberry PHA Liquid Exfoliator avoids AHAs and BHA exfoliants in favour of gentle PHAs, and is suitable for even sensitive skin.
  1. Wash your tools. Flannels, towels and any make-up brushes should be washed regularly. Pillowcases too. Anything that touches your face should be clean, otherwise all you’re doing is transferring dirt and germs onto your skin.
  1. Don’t touch unnecessarily. Without even noticing it, we put our fingers all over our face: resting your chin on your hand, unconsciously stroking or smoothing or patting, sleeping with your face on your palm. This results in dirt and germs and whatever else you’ve been in contact with being deposited onto your face. Trying to avoid touching your face unnecessarily will curb breakouts, creases and dullness.
  1. Massage more. We stand by tip no. 8 but massaging your face (with clean hands!) can stimulate blood flow, help skincare products to perform more effectively and feels good, too! Our interview with top facialist Nichola Joss is full of brilliant, easy to follow tips. Use a quality natural face oil to maximise the results.
  1. Protect your skin’s barrier. The skin’s natural barrier is our outer defence against dirt, pollution, environmental aggressors and even stress, so nourish and protect it. Willowberry skincare is specially formulated to protect the skin’s barrier function for a smooth, bright, glowing complexion.
  1. Consistency is key. Your skin will always have good days and bad days, and nobody is immune to the odd spot/patch of dryness/oiliness/lack of radiance. By sticking to a regular skincare routine day in, day out however, your skin is primed for its best life.
  1. Invest in time… We’re not talking hours, but just by taking a few moments to wash your face properly or massage product in mindfully, rather than a quick swipe and go, will pay dividends.
  1. …but not necessarily money. You don’t need to be spending a fortune on expensive creams to get your best skin. More often than not you’re paying for the packaging and the marketing. There is top notch skincare to be had in the mid price range. Willowberry was purposefully created to offer quality natural skincare at fair prices.
  1. Don’t forget your neck. And the décolletage (AKA the top of the chest). By carrying your skincare routine down just that bit further, you spread the benefits to areas that are prone to dryness and crepiness.
  1. ‘Age Without Apology’ over ‘anti-age’. Youth does not have the monopoly on beauty. Open your mind to the seemingly revolutionary concept that we do not lose our looks as we get older. Our appearances change as we get older and that is absolutely It’s why here at Willowberry we champion Age Without Apology.


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