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Does our body care routine need to change as we get older?

Does our body care routine need to change as we get older?

As we get older, unless we are going out on a hot date/heading for the beach/etc, many of us tend to wash and go when it comes to our bodies. We may worry about sagginess, dryness, stretch marks or cellulite, but our Willowberry philosophy encourages you to ignore all that and instead see a body that is beautiful and strong, that carries you through each day and is dearly loved by your nearest and dearest (and probably checked out by admiring strangers a lot more than you’d ever imagine).

Our bodies are glorious in all their shapes and sizes so let’s not forget that our skincare shouldn’t stop at our necks. Taking extra care of your body as you get older will help to keep it looking and feeling its best, making it much easier to feel comfortable in your own skin.

Here are our top body care tips to feel good in your skin with age:

  1. As we get older our skin needs nourishing, reviving and protecting with a good body care routine done regularly.
  1. When showering or bathing, use warm, not hot, water to avoid drying out skin.
  1. Many body washes contain a harsh foaming ingredient called SLS, which can dry out skin. Opt instead for a natural body wash that doesn’t contain SLS – look for one containing added hydrating ingredients to moisturise while you wash.
  1. Body exfoliation is important to get rid of dead skin cells; use a flannel or shower puff while you wash for gentle daily exfoliation.
  1. Following your bath or shower, pat skin dry then apply a generous layer of body lotion all over.

When choosing a body lotion, opt for an ultra-nourishing formula to help smooth and hydrate mature skin. Our Willowberry Indulgent Hand & Body Lotion is ideal; enriched with soothing aloe vera and nourishing shea butter, along with a nutrient-rich blend of sweet almond, pomegranate, kahai and rosehip oils, it eases dryness and itchiness and protects the skin’s barrier function.

Like all of our Willowberry range, our Indulgent Hand & Body Lotion is formulated for grown-up skin and leaves skin softer, smoother and more comfortable. It’s luxuriantly nourishing but also easily absorbed, hydrating skin thoroughly without greasiness or residue.

  1. Apply your body lotion again before bedtime, to nourish skin overnight.
  1. Central heating and air conditioning can be really drying. Using a humidifier in your home can help to balance their effects.
  1. Apply an SPF of at least 30, preferably higher, on any skin exposed to sunlight, every day.


Willowberry is nutritious natural skincare for grown-ups, for your best skin. 

A favourite with top make-up artists, Willowberry's luxurious award-winning products protect skin’s natural barrier function, to nourish and revive grown-up skin without telling women to be 'anti-ageing'.

As seen in Vogue, Independent, The Telegraph, This Morning and more.

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