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Interview: Image consultant Kate Evans

Interview: Image consultant Kate Evans

Kate Evans is an Image Consultant and Coach serving London, the Cotswolds and beyond. Her expertise lies in knowing how to help people feel good about themselves; in how they look and how they feel. Kate talks to Willowberry natural skincare about how to develop your own style, how image and self-esteem are intertwined and her top styling tips.

What made you become an image consultant?
I had my ‘colours done’ and found it utterly transformational! It was so useful to be able to walk into a shop and know immediately what to start looking at (according to colour) and what I could ignore. I am a qualified teacher and I left the profession in 2004 to have a break. But I guess I never had a break as I am still ‘teaching’ now, just instead of teaching children how to read, write and spell, I am teaching adults how to be the best they can be, in terms of how they look and live their lives.

What process do you go through with a person to help them develop their personal style?
We work out what their Style Personality is - how they feel comfortable dressing and what their default style is. I then ask them what they aspire to dress like - who do they admire, what would they like to wear - my job is to bridge the gap. After my consultation they will still feel like ‘them’ but a more put-together version. More confident, more aware of what works and what doesn’t and more knowledge of where to shop – for them.

How do you work with colour?
I look at a person’s eye colour, hair colour and skin tone to work out what dominant colour category they belong to. Once I have determined that, I then look at their colouring more closely to determine their secondary and tertiary colour groups.

I then take them through the 42 colours that work best for them, picking out their best Neutral colours (to buy suits and expensive items in), their “Wow” colours (that make them look incredible) and their Combination colours- (colours that work well when worn together). It is all written down so they don’t have to remember everything! I also show clients make-up colours to bring out their colouring in the most flattering way.

You hold confidence workshops – how are appearance and self-esteem intertwined?
They are so relevant to each other. If you feel good about yourself it will raise your self-esteem, as you will value yourself more. If someone knows what colours, styles, cuts, patterns, prints and lengths work for them then that gives them clarity.

If you have clarity you gain confidence as you know what you are doing, and you have seen with your own eyes as to why those items make you look brilliant. If you know what you are doing and how to dress, no longer will you be continually shooting in the dark when you go shopping or getting ready for an important event and constantly trying to find ‘that dress’ to make you feel good, or ‘that top’ that will magically cover your bust. The pattern is very logical - knowledge brings clarity, clarity brings confidence, confidence brings increased self-esteem.

How can someone figure out how to evolve their style as they go through life changes?
Knowing what suits their colouring (at that time) and their body shape will always be a great starting point, as then your clothes will fit and flatter you. As for evolving style, look for inspiration on Pinterest, Instagram, magazines and see how others of a similar age and stage of life are dressing. Have a good trying-on session of your wardrobe to see what fits and what doesn’t, what you feel good in and what now feels past its best. Make a list of what is missing and what you want and get shopping!

What are your top 5 styling tips?
• Make sure a sale bargain is actually a bargain – it’s only a bargain if it fits, flatters and suits you and there is no compromise
• Never buy anything unless it goes with three other items in your wardrobe
• Spend the largest amount of your clothes budget on items you will wear the most
• Never underestimate the power of an accessory or two
• Never go shopping without a list – otherwise you will resort to buying what you always buy and getting gaps in your wardrobe

Visit Kate Evan’s website at You can also find Kate on Instagram and Facebook.

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